You’ll never find a better opportunity to be rewarded finically by truly making life better

A personal trainer is two things – the friend who understands people\’s goals and the coach who makes the plan and guides people to overcome their limits and achieve their dream body.

Are you a person who is passionate about looking good, feeling good and being in great shape? Do you enjoy exercise, sports and physical activity and want to inspire people around you to improve their lives as well?

Do you want to be around other masters of communication and influence while having access to some of the best fitness and sales training programs and systems in the world?

  • Personal Trainer
  • Senior Personal Trainer
  • Master Trainer
  • PTX2 Trainer

California Fitness & Yoga offers amazing career opportunities for all levels of personal trainers and fitness managers where you will spend your days working directly with our members to guide them to reach their fitness goals through dynamic and exciting exercise methods using the latest state of the art equipment inside our multi million dollar facilities. You will help people understand that, beyond a membership, personal training at California Fitness & Yoga is an investment in their health and an enhancement of their overall quality of life.