We want you to be unique and inspire your creative passion

Are you an experienced or aspiring graphic designer who loves growth, challenges and the opportunity to work in a diverse environment?

CMG.ASIA / California Fitness and Yoga is proud to offer designers one of the most dynamic creative atmospheres. We work in a wide variety of industries including fitness, health, fashion, life enhancement services, mobile applications and more which means you will never be stuck doing the same thing for the same brand over and over again.

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Copywriter
  • UX Designer
  • Photographer
  • Film Editor / Director

A graphic designer is responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. The role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions. 

Their designs are required for a huge variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity, i.e. giving organisations a visual 'brand'.

A graphic designer works to a brief agreed with the client, creative director or account manager. They develop creative ideas and concepts, choosing the appropriate media and style to meet the client's objectives.

The work demands creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.